Thursday, December 18, 2008

Capital Records bldg - Hollywood sign - Dora the Explorer and I.... that is the only famous person I met there!!
My cousin Matt DeCoster and I right after he picked me up at the airport at LAX. Went straight to the beach...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Definitely a good time!
Ganzo's Cub's trip... unfortunately the ScRubs won that day.
Big Ben, Erin and the girls.
Friends fromt the wedding in Cabo... this was the nightclub in the hotel
Dan repelling
Alaina repelling
You can see how blue the water is... we took a water taxi out to 'lover's beach' you can see lover's arch in the background, it was pretty neat. On the other side of lover's beach was called 'divorce beach' as you can see how choppy the water is hitting the rocks - not a safe place to be swimming :)
the wedding
Still Cabo - we went down there for a wedding - this is the couple that got married.... Alaina and I also went on a 'canopy tour' - it was zip lines where we also repelled a 180' cliff - it was great!

Vacation to Cabo San Lucas... it was amazing!
Girls having fun at the Fair
Mississippi Valley Fair w/ sister in law Desiny and nephew Joseph
Good 'ol healthy McDonald's french fries :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This was Thanksgiving this year. THe little baby is Isabella and Callie's cousin baby Joseph. The other little girls were their other cousins Claire and Grace. They had a great time all together. We are really looking forward to Christmas. This was the first Thanksgiving we actually had at our house.

This was the night before Thanksgiving. Isabella made little 'hand' turkey's for placemats. Callie was trying to make some too but ended up getting a sticker on her nose over it... it was pretty funny.

Can't see this too well. This fall, we had a couple deer calling our backyard home. This is a picture of one just outside our back window. They would just sleep on the grass and we would be able to enjoy them in the mornings when we wake up! We would tell Isabella Bambi was out on the yard again. She was pretty excited.

Look at the size of the feet on that girl!! She's definitely a Santry!

Halloween. Isabella was Princess Dora again this year - what a beautiful little princess. Callie was a little bunny rabbit. They had a great time trick or treating this year!

Hey... Can I come out of bed now??

Sisterly love.

Rock and Roll!!